Strght & Nrrw clothing brand was launched in 2010 by designer Jay Harris and his wife Alanna Harris. Weary with seeing so many youth around them caught up in gangs and crime, they set out to build a brand that would swallow up the negative messages so many clothing brands represent and replace it with something positive. In Jay's words, “I wanted to create a new type of gang that carried old ladies' groceries, served their peers, and met for Bible study."


In 2011, they launched the S&N boutique in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The store quickly grew into more than a retail location. It's hard to describe it but it became more of a clubhouse and a safe haven for the streets of Jacksonville. They hosted a weekly Bible Study, fed and sheltered some of our homeless population, partnered with non-profits for at-risk youth, hosted in-store sneaker tradeshows, dance battles, concerts... 


In November 2014, the boutique lease came to an end. Owners Jay and Alanna stepped away to tend to their growing family (10 kids…yes 10) and to plant The Ville church which was unintentionally birthed from the S&N boutique. The re-emergence of Strght & Nrrw is deeply tied to Jay's role as lead pastor of The Ville Church. The Ville serves the Brentwood community of Jacksonville located in Health Zone 1. A beautiful but economically challenged neighborhood; Brentwood leads in shootings and teenage pregnancies. 


Since the pandemic hit, the Strght & Nrrw brand has been lying dormant as Jay and Alanna have been taking care of now 11 kids and leading The Ville Church. But 2023 is the year Strght & Nrrw has awakened and is taking the streets by storm.

All (yes, all) proceeds from S&N sales will go to the support of The Ville and its vision “to see the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church treasured in our neighborhood”. The S&N brand responds to 2 important challenges The Ville faces in moving forward. It helps us reach our financial goals to bring the mission and vision about. It helps build relationships by giving us proximity in our community, especially with the youth. Our goal after launching the brand is to open another Clubhouse / retail location in our neighborhood where Brentwood youth can hang out, learn, grow, and build community.   


Along with all of that, we want to make dope clothing that has a message that encourages faith and hope in Jesus Christ. 


Thank you for prayers and support.